Be Productive: 5 Ways to Get More Done During Nap Time

Being a productive mom…It’s all over Pinterest, peeps.  As a new mom, you see (and hear) one of two things:

  1. When the baby naps, YOU nap.
  2. When the baby naps, use that time to be productive around the house.

Every mom I meet can fit into one of these two categories.  Some days, I am a #1.  But 99% of the time, I am a #2…or should I say, I AIM to be a #2 but more likely fall somewhere in the area of a 1.5:  Sit still, watch DVR/Netflix/Hulu, sipping an extra cup of coffee and not moving any of your limbs, not even to get up to go to the bathroom unless there is an emergency of dire proportions.

No, for real.  That’s what I do.  And I don’t even realize I’m doing it!  Pretty soon, 4 episodes of “Don’t be Tardy” have passed and I’m wondering why it’s so close to the time to pick up my big boy from Pre-K (distraction: How cute does he look in his uniform here?).  In fact, I found myself kind of doing this today, but girl, I gotta wake up!  I’m hosting my sister-in-law’s Baby Sprinkle at my house this weekend and the kitchen isn’t going to clean itself.

be more productive during nap timeSo here’s my 5 ways to be more productive during baby’s nap:

  1.  Make a nap list of what needs to be done.   Oh yeah, you heard me.  Make sure it’s absolutely what NEEDS to be done and not what you want done.  I find myself making lists sometimes that involve unrealistic things that I could never accomplish during a nap.  So, insert my nap list.  These are things that can be done in 10-20 minutes or less.  I don’t like tackling huge projects during nap because if they are left unfinished, somehow I feel unfinished.  
  2. To feel “accomplished,” aim for more than one thing on your list, but less than five.   My list today included picking up in the living area, completing one craft project for the shower this weekend, folding 2 baskets of clothes, and making/eating lunch.  I didn’t get all of it done – my living area is only partially completed – but I got to cross multiple things off the list and can move the pickup to later this evening.
  3. Set a timer for each task so you don’t get lost in one thing.  I fold laundry while watching TV.  It’s easy to get sucked into a show and then not moving the laundry along.  I set a timer and if that timer goes off before I’m done folding the clothes, I turn the TV off.  I know it sounds a little like punishing myself, but hey, if I don’t have clean underwear, isn’t that a much greater punishment?  Yuck.
  4. If you see something that needs to be done more than what’s on your list SKIP IT.   For a mom, everything is urgent.  You have to learn to prioritize things that are all a priority, and it’s really tough.  I’ve learned that if I stumble upon something that needs to be done, I’ll just move it to another list, tackle it later that day, or ask my husband to complete that task.  You are only setting out to get this list you made done, and at the time you made the list, those tasks were the ones that stuck out in your head.  You prioritized them without knowing it.
  5. Take a second to rest yourself.  While it may not seem like a productive thing to do, rest for us moms is uber important.  We can’t be our best selves if we are sluggish, sleepy, feeling overwhelmed.  Take a second while it’s quiet to breathe, stretch, or have that extra cup of coffee.  Your list will be ready for you when you’re done with your “me” time.  But, set a timer on that too or you’ll end up resting for the entire nap (trust me, I know)!

Well, there ya have it.  These are the ways I try to be more productive when my peanut is sleeping.  I say try because, well, we aren’t perfect.   But we can aim to be the best mom we can be, and I think that’s good enough!

Until next time, ya’ll!

Dairy Free While Breastfeeding: Week Two

When I first started this dairy free journey for my little guy, I thought maybe I could “cheat” a little here and there and it wouldn’t make much of a difference.  What I didn’t realize was that even the tiniest bit of dairy would send my baby into fits, and it just wasn’t the mom I wanted to be. 

I can do anything for my child, so why is this so hard?

dairy free breastfeeding week two

It was easy to miss the foods that I normally enjoyed – like pizza.  But what I realized is that I didn’t love pizza as much as I loved having a happy, smiling baby.  Every time I wanted to eat a food that I knew would harm my little guy, I reminded myself of this exact thing.  That is, until it was time to go out for our anniversary.

My hubby and I celebrated our wedding day, October 16th, by going out to lunch at a local steakhouse.  I got broccoli au gratin and pecan pie with ice cream.  Before I ordered it, I announced that I would fully accept the consequences of this meal later on.  But when later on came, I wished I hadn’t made that deal.

You got it.  The peanut was inconsolable.  For hours.

It was that exact moment that I realized: As hard as it is for me to miss out on my food “favorites” it is even harder to watch my child suffer.

Here’s what I’ve learned being dairy free for two weeks:

  1.  Black coffee isn’t all that bad.   I don’t know if I’ll go back to having milk or creamer in my coffee once our breastfeeding journey is over.  But I know that I can completely tolerate black coffee as long as it’s flavored coffee.
  2. Dairy free doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll lose weight.  It’s been two weeks and I haven’t lost a single pound.  I don’t think I’m a good test subject for this though because it is extremely hard for me to lose weight while breastfeeding.  Maybe in a couple of weeks I’ll notice a difference, but right now it isn’t likely.
  3. Eliminating dairy has been relatively easy, except for ice cream.   If someone asked me what my last meal would be, it would definitely contain some thick, creamy ice cream.  I enjoy everything about it and could easily live off of the ice cream diet.  I don’t miss any diary products as much as I miss ice cream.  There are some delicious substitutes out there, but there isn’t anything that compares to delicious creamy ice cream.  Let’s hope this desire wears off soon!
  4. For my little guy, cheese makes him the most sensitive.  If I had a list of the foods I missed the most, I think cheese would be high on that list (second only to ice cream).  Whenever I eat cheese, it has almost an instant effect on him.  Butter gives him the least trouble. 
  5. I can’t trust asking those in charge if something contains dairy. When I was on an airplane recently, I asked for dairy-free creamer and they brought coffee mate.  Across the top it clearly states that it contains milk.  So, word of warning: read labels.  Know what you’re eating and read the labels for yourself.

I have also been using the resources at to help find suitable replacements for foods I enjoy.  They have the answers to just about any questions I’ve had about switching up my diet to remove dairy products.  It gives great recipes, substitutes for butter and cheese, and – get this – even resources for going to Disney World and staying away from allergens, like dairy. 

Allergies can be hereditary, ya’ll.  Since my mom has a dairy allergy and a few other food allergies, I’ve learned to pay close attention to my body and noticing how eliminating dairy products has made me feel.  This closer look at how my own body feels has led me to test out other foods as well.   I’ll be updating you throughout the course of this science experiment.

Until next time, ya’ll!

Lactation (or not) Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Oatmeal

It’s finally starting to feel a little like fall around here, and when the air gets chilly, I think one thing: Pumpkin!  Well, pumpkin and good, stick to your ribs kinds of foods, like oatmeal.

lactation pumpkin oatmeal

I went out of town for a couple of days and missed my nightly pumping session.  It didn’t seem to matter at the time because the peanut was on the trip with me.  But when I got home, it seemed my milk production had slacked off a little bit.  Maybe it was all in my head, but I wasn’t taking any chances.  I had to do something to amp up my supply!

I adapted this recipe from the Hungry Girl growing oat bowls, but I made it a little more non-dairy friendly and also gave it an extra lactation boost.  Oatmeal and flaxseed are two great ingredients to help with milk production.  I hope you enjoy this delicious breakfast and please tag me on instagram and twitter by using the hashtag #theomglifeoatmeal.  Until next time ya’ll!pumpkin chocolate oatmeal ingredients

Lactation Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Oatmeal
Serves 1
A delicious and filling bowl of pumpkin oatmeal sprinkled with just enough sweet chocolate to make anyone's morning!
Write a review
Prep Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
  1. 1/2 cup old fashioned oats
  2. 1 cup almond coconut milk blend
  3. 1 cup water
  4. 1/4 tsp pumpkin pie spice
  5. 1 tbsp flaxseed
  6. 1/2 cup pure pureed pumpkin
  7. 1 tsp chocolate chips
  1. Add oats, water, almond coconut milk, and pumpkin pie spice to a small saucepan and bring to a simmer.
  2. When it reaches a simmer, add the pumpkin puree and flaxseed and mix well.
  3. Bring to a boil and then turn the heat immediately to simmer again.
  4. Allow the oats to cook for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. When the oats are soft enough to your taste, remove from heat, transfer to a bowl, add chocolate chips, and enjoy!
Adapted from The Hungry Girl
Adapted from The Hungry Girl
The OMG Life

Dairy Free While Breastfeeding: Week One

If you check out my Instagram, it wasn’t more than two weeks ago I was enjoying some ice cream with crushed cookies on top.  Now, I don’t eat ice cream…or cheese, or milk, or cream cheese, or dairy products of any kind.  While I feel like it’s limiting in some ways, let me tell you the ways it’s made our lives so much better around here.

dairy free while nursing

For my first son, I endured the “colic,” the crying, the nights when it seemed like we couldn’t do anything to make our baby feel better.  I lived through that the entire time he was breastfed because I felt it was my mom duty…wasn’t everyone’s kids this way?  Now for the second peanut and experiencing similar issues, I was given advice by a number of moms to cut out dairy.  After reading countless articles online, I decided to try it for a couple of days and see if it made any difference.  For two days, we had a happy and smiling baby.  We slept much longer stretches through the night.  He had a big nap during the day rather than a bunch of short naps. 

And then I had half and half in my coffee.  And all hell broke loose. 

The peanut cried for six.hours.straight.  He couldn’t stay latched on to nurse because he had uncontrollable gas and fussiness.  It was miserable, and at that point, I vowed that no amount of cheese or ice cream was worth it.

So here’s what I’ve learned about being one week diary free:

  1. It’s hard to find good coffee creamer at first.  I don’t like any of the nut milks or nut milk blends in my coffee.  After trial and error, I’m a fan of Trader Joe’s coconut milk creamer.  It took some getting used to at first, but now it does the trick.  I’ve also tried soy creamer and I like it, but I’ve had some tummy issues with soy in the past so I’m trying not to use it too much.  Nutpods are also yummy.
  2. There is no such thing as delicious vegan cheese.  After trying soy cheese and almond milk cheese, I’m ready to just swear off cheese altogether.
  3. You make mistakes A LOT –  There’s so many times when I start eating something out of reflex and then realize it has milk in it.  Just the other day, I was eating a house salad at one of our regular restaurants and didn’t even think about the cheese that was on it.  Later that night, it took about two hours for the crying to stop.  Geez mom.
  4. Thank goodness for coconut milk ice cream. This is one of the non-dairy finds I am most excited about.  Trader Joe’s has an amazing one, but there are so many brands I’ve yet to try.  I’m so glad I don’t have to “give up” ice cream!
  5. If it’s going to help me lose baby weight, it hasn’t happened yet.  I’m so over the breastfeeding “myths” out there.  My body stores fat for breastfeeding like I’m a hibernating bear, so NO, breastfeeding doesn’t help every woman lose weight.  I’m not holding my breath for the non-dairy diet to help either.  But it’s all for my peanut, so it’s completely worth it.

I’m in the middle of week two as I write this blog post, so stay tuned for updates.  Until next time, ya’ll!


5 Tips for Flying With Baby

5 tips for flying with babyMy dance studio has an annual recital after school lets out for summer, and I head to Atlanta to pick all of the costumes every October.  Having to take a work trip away from my boys is one thing, but leaving my nursing 8 week old baby for a weekend wasn’t going to happen…mama bear kicked in!  So, I decided to take him along with me.  Here’s the 5 biggest things I learned with my peanut taking his first flying trip:

Use a Backpack or Backpack Diaper Bag for Baby’s Stuff

This is the newest technology in “hands-free” for kiddos.  I had two hands completely available for boarding passes, my driver’s license, and even holding a smoothie!  My shoulder strap diaper bag would have been slipping down as I tried to navigate check-in and boarding the plane. 

Baby-Wearing is Your Best Friend

This may not always work with toddlers, but I found it so helpful!  I’m a big advocate of baby-wearing in general (as you can tell from my instagram Here and Here), but this was even more amazing to do in the airport.  Baby was kept close to me (and away from touchy feely hands, coughs, sneezes), and I was able to keep him content while we waited to board the plane.  I did have to take him out and hold him for the fight – it’s the rules – but then I strapped him right back on to get off the plane.  It definitely made things smoother. 

Find Out the Family Boarding Protocol Ahead of Time

The airline we used had three groups for boarding, and families with children under six were allowed to board after the first group.  This was a short flight from New Orleans to Atlanta, so it didn’t matter that we were towards the middle of the plane.  But if it were a longer flight, I’d probably want to be closer to the front.  Had I checked into this ahead of time, I may have opted to pay the upgrade fee on my tickets.  

Prepare for Pressure

New Orleans is below sea-level, so anytime I fly out of or into the city I have a tremendous img_5942amount of pressure (and pain) in my ears.  Years ago, I found these awesome earplugs called Ear Planes and have used them every single flight since.  ( You can check them out in my ears and my moms ears in this photo).  They regulate the pressure in my ears so I don’t experience any pain.  My peanut, however, couldn’t wear these little plugs of joy, so I was worried he would have issues with the pressure as well.  The solution?  Try to nurse your baby as the plane is taking off so that he is continuing to swallow and unplug his own hears.  A pacifier also works well for this – we didn’t have any issues with ear pain for him.

Pack Light

It’s simple.  The more stuff you have, the more you will have to carry.  Add to that your baby being worn on you, a diaper bag on your back, and dragging luggage…sheesh!  Packing light will help you lighten the load.  Some ideas to consider – buy travel sizes in your toiletries and plan your outfits out ahead of time to avoid over packing.  For baby, put each of his/her outfits in individual ziploc bags and grab what you need each day.  It keeps your bag neat and tidy and it also stops me from over packing for my kids every time.   I wish they sold baggies big enough for me to do that with too! 

I’m sure I’ll have more to add to this list as we travel home in a couple of days.  What are your biggest tips for flying with your baby?  Leave your comments below!  I’d love to chat with you.

As always, until next time ya’ll!

My First-Time at Trader Joe’s: A basket full of goodies that didn’t break the bank!

 img_5812I have always wanted to visit Trader Joe’s but unfortunately, New Orleans didn’t have one…until NOW!  A new store was built an opened here recently, and I tried (and failed) to wait until the initial “newness” wore off before I embarked on my first Joe’s Journey. 

Is that a thing?  Can we call it a Joe’s Journey?  Maybe not.  

So I finally made it to the store (that opened last week) today, and it was still surprisingly crowded for 1:15 in the afternoon.  I only had 30 minutes to play around because I needed to pick up the big boy from school – that was probably a good thing.  Everything in the store I felt deserved a little look-see, but without a ton of time, I had to snag whatever caught my eye and looked delicious.  That also meant I wasn’t getting anything refrigerated or frozen, which limited what I was able to pick up.  Here’s a pic of all my fun finds from Trader Joe’s for today: 

I knew I wanted to look for cookie butter and the two buck Chuck wine because that’s all the chatter I’ve ever heard about Trader Joe’s.  But when I got into the store there were so many things to see! 

I started in the bread section and grabbed some Blueberry Raspberry Oat Bran muffins and Pumpkin Bagels.  Yes, bagels made with pumpkin flour and pumpkin pie spice.  They’re not overly huge, either. Since I really love bagels for breakfast, this is one thing I’m excited to try.   I also saw the Trader Joe’s brand of cereal bars, which all say “this (fruit) walks into a bar…”  Kind of funny, which made me want to grab the pumpkin ones.  Am I sensing a theme here?  Then I went to the prepared foods section and found a pesto chicken sandwich to eat in the car on the way to pick up the big boy and egg salad made with only egg whites.  I love egg salad sandwiches, but I’ve never had it with just egg whites – another fun Trader Joe’s find that I can’t wait to sample.

I walked through the refrigerated and frozen foods and found some fun things that I couldn’t pick up but might grab on a future visit.  Pre-sliced cheese for small parties (or for my cheese connoisseur of a 4 year old),  frozen macaroons in pretty colors, and interesting ice cream flavors to name a few.  There’s also about a million different kinds of salsa.  Since I’m the only one that eats salsa in my house, that will have to wait for a special occasion. My time was ticking down, so I had to move on quickly.

A quick run through the wine section led me to pick up two bottles of white wine, neither of which are part of the “two buck Chuck” brand.  But hey, I splurged a little by spending $4.99 right? Teehee. I took a peek at the specialty beers and can’t wait to try some of these with my brother at Thanksgiving.  I guess we will be doing a TJ’s Beer review later.  Thoughts on that one? 

Finishing up my trip, I grabbed some gnocchi to try in a future recipe, a huge gallon of unsweetened iced tea, and delicious-looking pumpkin butter in a jar.  I make my own pumpkin butter, which you can check out here.  But, since the pumpkins have just begun to come out and it’s been hot, hot, hot here, I figured buying some to tide me over for a month or so wouldn’t hurt.   Then I saw the lemon curd!  Oh boy, oh boy.  What am I going to do with this little gem?  Stay tuned on this.  I might just eat it with a spoon. 

And along came the cookie butter.  There were three different kinds in our store: pumpkin spice cookie butter, crunchy cookie butter, and cookie cocoa swirl.  Which one did I get?  Well, it wasn’t the pumpkin thankyouverymuch.  🙂  I ended up with the cookie cocoa swirl, which I am going to use to make a fun dessert very soon.  And also, I will probably eat it with a spoon.  Living on the edge, aren’t I?

At the checkout, I picked up some maple walnut blondies, which I thought I would use for tonight’s dessert after dinner.  But it didn’t last…I ate one as soon as I got home.  And it was amazing.  It tasted like butter pecan ice cream, made into a cookie, and then not baked all the way.  I swear, it was like nothing I ever tasted, and I enjoyed every bite.  This is the only thing I’ve tried from my trip so far, but I’ll keep you guys posted on the rest. Everything in our basket cost right under $49!  I couldn’t believe it…

img_5813And here’s my cutie pie in the checkout line.  By the way, we LOVE our Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock.  We use it all the time, and this is NOT sponsored – I mean, I totally wish it was because we just love it and like to take pictures in it.  

What are you guys getting from Trader Joe’s that I should look for next time?

Until next time, Ya’ll!




Thomas’s Newborn Photo Session

I couldn’t wait to get Thomas’s newborn pictures taken.  Holy sweetness.  There is nothing like a newborn baby.  The smell, the tiny toes, the barely-there hair.  Our photographer Erin came to our house on a Friday morning a few weeks ago (before our big boy went back to school) and set up our newborn shoot right there at home.  This is the best thing ever – we never had to leave the house!  Having the pictures taken at home also made for a very personal shoot, sharing bits and pieces of the home we’ve made for both of our little guys.  It was just so very special.

For Andrew, I totally themed out the pictures and they were precious.  For Thomas, I didn’t really think about theming the photos because I was busy running around a 4 year old in New Orleans summer heat.  When photo day came, I was like…um, what am I going to do with these photos?  Thankfully, Erin knew exactly what to do.  She pulled props out of our nursery and made it happen.  Our dining room rug became a great photo backdrop.  The basket that houses our extra blankets added texture to some of the shots.  And of course, Andrew popped into some of the shots using the rocking chair, his favorite place in Thomas’s room.  Here’s some of the sweet shots from our peanut’s first photo shoot. 

Mexican Chicken Soup

Mexican Chicken SoupWe ate terribly when I had Andrew because I couldn’t muster the energy to cook anything.  This time around, I was determined not to survive on fast food and frozen pizza during those first few postpartum weeks.

My mom and I planned to put together a few freezer meals about a week before I was due for Thomas, but little peanut had other plans and arrived early!  So a few days after I got home from the hospital, I camped out at the kitchen table while mom did most of the work putting a few meals together.  And by a few, I really mean 27.  Yes, we put together 27 meals!  Thankfully, I have a chest freezer outside to store all of this in.

One of our favorite meals was a chicken soup filled with delicious Mexican flavors.  My husband is hard to please, and he absolutely loved it.  I know we will be making this soup again in the future, with fall on it’s way.

Crockpot Mexican Chicken Soup

Mexican Chicken Soup
Serves 4
Write a review
  1. 1 pound carrots, peeled and diced
  2. 1 small yellow onion, diced (about one cup)
  3. 2 cloves of garlic, minced
  4. 2 Roma tomatoes, chopped
  5. 1 cup tomato juice
  6. 1 teaspoon cumin
  7. 1 teaspoon fennel seeds
  8. 1 teaspoon chili powder
  9. 1 teaspoon salt
  10. Juice from 1 lime
  11. 1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  12. 4 cups chicken broth
If Freezing Before Cooking
  1. Put all ingredients (except chicken broth) in a good quality freezer bag.
  2. Remove as much as air as you can, seal the bag, and lay flat to freeze.
Day of Cooking
  1. Add all ingredients (including chicken broth) to the crockpot.
  2. Cook on "low" for 6 hours.
  3. Shred chicken with a fork and serve.
Adapted from New Leaf Wellness
Adapted from New Leaf Wellness
The OMG Life

Thomas’s Adventure Themed Nursery Reveal

For my first son, I was so excited to be a mother that I began nesting very early.  Andrew’s nursery was completely designed and ready to go when I was five months pregnant.  This time around, it wasn’t so easy!  First, I thought that the boys might share a bedroom, but that quickly disappeared when I felt guilty about making my big boy give up “his space.”  We decided to turn our guest room into a nursery, but then the biggest challenge was deciding what theme I wanted to go with.  It was so hard to choose the bedding, decor, and overall look of the room this time around.  I don’t know why, but I found it much harder to make decisions during pregnancy number two.

After a quick chat with a good friend and a lot of Pinterest-ing, I decided upon an adventure theme with gray, aqua, metallics and wood.  The next step in the plan was to paint the walls a very light mint green color, which is hard to see in the photos but is actually so light and fresh.  It gave the room a great clean palette to start building decorations around.

I didn’t want to choose a room that was already pre-designed for us.  Instead, I wanted to piece together things I loved to make it all work in one room.  I chose his bedding from Babies-R-Us after looking at what felt like a million different quilts and bedding sets with arrows, teepees, foxes, bears…you name it.  I just loved the cute little fox on this quilt and the color scheme was beautiful as well.  From there, I went to Hobby Lobby and found the wall decor that would hang over his bed – a big, distressed letter “T” and some gold arrows.  While I was there, I stumbled upon these cute little prints of a fox and a bear dressed in aztec-wear, and I just had to snatch them up because they matched perfectly with the bedding theme!  boys nursery, adventure theme, nursery adventure theme

There’s a great little alcove in the room that seemed to scream “changing area.”  Adding aqua baskets for organization on the first shelf of our changing table was first on the list because storage for Thomas’s diapers and extras was a must.  I found the fancy safety pin at Hobby Lobby and knew it would look great in that space.  Adding a hanging pendant light from Amazon to give us some light during those late-night changes made a great finishing touch.

The little play area is going to be a work in progress as Thomas grows.  I started with a cute basket with arrows from K-mart for all of his toys.  Right now, there aren’t very many but I’m sure that will change!  Then, I ordered some wooden spice racks from Ikea (because we don’t have an Ikea close by..booo…) and my hubby attached them to the wall for our little guy’s books.  We added a bold striped rug in front of the dresser and changed all of the pulls on the drawers to give it a more rustic feel.

quote, peter pan, little boys room

The biggest piece of art in the room was actually made by Moi!  The electrical panel to the entire house is located on the wall in his room.  It seems to be the craziest place to put a panel like that and also makes for a great big eye sore.  Since it’s so oddly shaped, nothing I found was big enough to cover it up.   I bought the canvas from Hobby Lobby and painted this quote on it from Peter Pan.  Bonus: it pairs with a hand-painted map of Neverland given to us and painted by one of my dearest friends.

Overall, I’m so pleased with how the room turned out.  There are a few little things here and there I’d like to do, like organize his closet, but the room was ready for when our little peanut came home, which was really important to us.  How do you like it?

baby boy nursery, adventure nurserybaby boy nursery, adventure theme nurseryadventure theme nursery, nursery decor

A Sweet Little Wreath for A Sweet Little Reese

My very best friend in high school and my long-time dance duet partner and I were pregnant at the same time, due only two weeks apart from each other.  We live a state away from each other, but it’s not TOO bad of a drive…says the woman who hates to drive long distances.  But I digress…

When it came time to have her baby shower, I knew I wanted to be the one to throw it.  Who cares that I was 8 months pregnant at the time?  I knew I could make it happen!  So, her mom and I got together and planned out the whole shindig, complete with quite a few craft projects by me.  I’m going to do a whole post on how I styled the shower, but for now, feast your eyes on this sweet little number.

nursery wreath, Baby wreath, hospital doorI made this wreath for Miss Reese’s hospital door and also used it as door decoration for the baby shower.  It took about 3 hours in total to do the entire project since every piece of tulle is tied individually, but it was a great time to catch up on House of Cards on Netflix.  Plus I was pre-baby number 2, so I was doing a whole lot of sittin’ anyway.  Here’s the supply list:

  • 1 14″ White Styrofoam Wreath (I got mine at Hobby Lobby here.)
  • Wooden letters
  • 4 rolls of 6″ by 25 yd white tulle
  • 2 rolls of 6″ by 25 yd pink glitter tulle
  • Paper Flowers (I got mine at Hobby Lobby here.)
  • Gold spray paint
  • Gold Glitter glue

The first step was to cut the tulle in strips long enough to tie onto the wreath.  I didn’t use a ruler because, well…I didn’t want to have to bend over a ruler with a big ‘ole pregnant belly.  Instead, I pinched the end of the tulle with my hand, pulled it to my elbow and cut it.  This gave me a little under 12″ for the first strip, and then I used it as a guide for each additional strip.  I tied each strip onto the wreath and double knotted it to ensure it stayed on the wreath – just a regular tie, nothing fancy.  I trimmed around the edges when I was done to make sure it looked even all the way around.IMG_4980

The next part of the process was to make the letters look fancy.  I had an antique gold spray paint that I used to give a little color to the brown wooden letters.  I didn’t worry about it being perfect because the party had a few rustic touches here and there.  When it was dry, I painted some gold glitter glue onto each letter, again not worrying about perfection.  I used hot glue to attach the letters to the wreath when they were completely dry.  (Ok, maybe I didn’t wait until they were completely dry, but I was pregnant and impatient!)  I also added the flowers to the wreath while I had the glue gun ready.  A little tip from my singed fingers to yours: Make SURE you have low-temp glue sticks and glue gun.   Your fingers will thank you.

We hung the wreath on the door for Miss Reese’s baby shower, and Mommy Gabby added the sweetest little touch to the bottom – a custom sign to display her birth details at the hospital.  You can hang this in the middle of the wreath or on the bottom, like we did.  We used a small canvas, but a piece of foam core board would also work.  It’s important to have something that’s light but with enough weight to hang on the wreath.  Then, she wrote out Date, Time, Weight, and Length with blanks to fill in once the baby is born.  The last step was to add a piece of pink ribbon to attach it to the wreath and the pink edges around the canvas itself.  Ours is actually done with pink duct tape, but you can use washi tape, ribbon, or any other similar edging material.  I was pretty proud of how it came out!  Here’s what the finished product looked like:Nursery wreath, hospital door wreath, baby wreathThe best thing about this wreath is that it can be made to suit any color scheme or party theme.  It was super easy to make and not very time consuming.  I really enjoyed making this project for a dear friend of mine for her sweet little bundle of joy.  Who knows…maybe one day when Reese and Thomas (my new little one) are grown up, we will be making one for their bridal shower?  Ha ha!

Until next time, ya’ll!