I’m pretty uncomfortable blogging about my outfits mostly because I don’t feel very trendy or stylish most of the time.   I have an hourglass shape, and believe it or not, it’s difficult to fit some of the latest trends on this kind of frame.  Recently I got a message on Facebook from someone I’ve known for years, asking me where I shop and what kind of clothes do I buy.  Having a shape similar to mine, she was interested.  And, quite frankly, it’s not easy!  How can you really search “hourglass mom shape from breastfeeding for 13 months and simply having been blessed with a big ole booty?”  Yeah, good luck with that.

I’m luckily married to my husband in so many ways.  But one of the BEST ways is the fact that his company has VIP tickets to the Saenger Theater in New Orleans.  We are able to see nearly every Broadway show that comes to town, and since I am a HUGE theater buff, I find this honestly thrilling in a way that other people might find annoying.  *Cue bursting into song and dance number*

My mom and I went on a date to see Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella.  It was pretty magical, though I was concerned with the number of little girls showing up in Disney princess dresses, hoping for Disney’s version of the story.   They must have been confused – so many differences between the two stories!  But anyway, I digress.  Here’s what I’m wearing on a late October night in New Orleans, at 75 degrees outside but relatively low humidity (darn all you people with a real “fall”)

IMG_1924The top is from Old Navy (similar here), and the skirt is actually a steal I got from Ross for $7.95 (though they have a similar inexpensive one here).  My watch is the Apple Watch (future post about its awesomeness to come – but I must say the timer on my watch let me take these photos without help) and my bracelet is from Forever 21 years ago.  My earrings are from NolaMeg designs on Etsy (here).

My foundation is Clinique (here) and I use a Maybelline Nudes Eyeshadow Palette (here), an ELF contouring kit (here), a Nyx blush (here), and Loreal liquid eyeliner (here).  I’m not big on liquid eyeliner, but I like the way this stuff looks and it doesn’t aggravate my sensitive eyes.


I promise I’ll get better at this selfie thing.  But my whole outfit and makeup were perfectly within Mom-budget guidelines.  A friend on Facebook said that a Stay at Home Mom Budget is so restrictive that she hasn’t bought anything for herself; as you can see, I can look pretty fab without much effort.  Bring out your sexy moms!

Till next time ya’ll!