I’m not one for MLM (multi-level marketing) companies.  I don’t buy Rodan and Fields, Pampered Chef is meh, and I honestly think LuLaRoe is overpriced pajama-wear.  

Sorry if I burst your bubble.  

I think it’s the hype around these products that makes them blow up so fast.  With social media and our constant access to information, it seems that once the right person finds a product they love and shares it with the world, we all want it.  And have to have it.  Like…NOW.

So you can imagine my feelings about trying out this new LipSense thing.  Here we go again with my friends trying to sell me something between status updates and pics of our cute kids.  But then my friend posted a video of an all-day wear test and how it stays put all day long.  I was intrigued.  We set up a meeting for me to check it out.

After trying the them out on my hand, I decided to get 4 colors, the oops remover, and the glossy gloss.  This whole system has very strict rules on how to apply it and quite a few steps to take, but they’re not lying when they say it stays all day!  I decided the best way to do my own wear test was to wear it for my studio’s dance competition, when I’d be talking, drinking water constantly, and never remember to reapply…I mean, let’s be honest.  Here’s a pic from the first night: 


I generally feel fancy with lipstick on, but the fact that it wears off so quickly is disappointing.  Except with Lipsense, the next morning I woke up and looked exactly like I had just put it on.  Ok, pretty close – just without the gloss.   The next day I went a little bolder: 

This color (Fly Girl) is a little less forgiving, so I need to learn to put it on more carefully.  But just like learning how to put on eyeliner, once you’ve got it right, it’s pretty gorgeous.  At least, that’s what I think.

I’m pretty certain I love LipSense.  There’s only two drawbacks.  The first is that it tingles a bit when you first put it on, which is super weird.  The second is that it takes 4 steps to achieve the look I have above, but then it literally doesn’t budge until you use the oops remover to take it off.  

I have no desire to sell it, become a consultant, whatever they’re calling signing up my entire Facebook feed to sell lipstick these days.  So if you want to buy it from my gal, go to Meg’s Glam Bar.  And I might hate it once everyone hops on the bandwagon.  But for now, I’m able to wear red lipstick and kiss my babies.  That’s a big win in my book.