Every mom loves Target, am I right?

Ok maybe I got a little ahead of myself, but I know I can get lost inside a Target store faster than I can say Jingle Bells. Grab a Starbucks on the way in, snag a bright red basket, and I feel like Santa in his sleigh…without all the night before Christmas rush.

I visited Target on Black Friday and snagged some great holiday finds, but they just keep coming with the deals!  You can for sure snag some of these items online or in stores, and I linked them all for easy shopping.

Christmas Jammies:

I bought the boys coordinating PJs for Christmas night, but Andrew has already worn them a couple of times (because he REALLY loves Christmas).  For the big boy, I got these super cute Santa Jammies and for Thomas, we got a little Elf set.  I debated getting the coordinating jammies for us (Santa for dad and Elf for mom), but my husband is still on the fence about this one.  He doesn’t understand the importance of a great costume moment! 

And I actually debated these festive slippers…I might actually go back and get them because they make me feel so happy!  And I don’t have any girls myself, but these girl jammies made me think of my sweet niece toddling around the Christmas tree!  These are super sweet for anyone with a sweet little girl this holiday season.  And I would be remiss if I didn’t include something for the pup in this jammies roundup…I just don’t know about putting pajamas on my cat?  Have you ever done that successfully (or just without laughing hysterically)?

Holiday Plaid:

Plaid is quickly becoming a staple of many holiday decor setups!  I just learned that there are many different types of holiday plaid (who knew), but I think traditional red plaid and buffalo plaid are my favorites.  I have begun incorporating a bit of plaid here and there in the linens throughout my home to add a little extra oomph to my holiday decorations.  Some fun items to consider an easy plaid addition are dish towels, pillows, and table runners! Here’s a few options I found online at Target.

Ugly Sweater:

The ugly sweater trend has become more and more popular with every passing year!  My husband had an ugly sweater day at his office last season, and Andrew’s school did an ugly sweater day as well.  But gone are the days where you stay up late, hot-gluing pom poms to a sweater you found at goodwill.  I mean, I’m all about a craft project, but I’m glad I can take a short cut here and there.  Here are some great ugly sweater options for women, men, and kids!

Whimsical Things:

I really love the traditional colors of Christmas, especially in my home decor.  But there are so many different colors and textures in available now, it’s hard not to want to do something crazy and different.  I love these pom pom Christmas stockings that adds a different pop of color with blue pom poms.   The same goes for this pom pom tree skirt.  The bright teal is just beautiful and adds some bright colors into the darker winter/Christmas palette.  And then I HAD to add this animated, singing Christmas tree.  I couldn’t stand all these animated, “push my button” type things, but now having two young boys who laugh hysterically at them makes me HAVE to have them. 

Well, there you have it.  A quick little run down of some cool holiday finds at Target!  Send me all the things you’ve found that make your Christmas heart a-flutter.  I love hearing all of your suggestions – but my wallet doesn’t!  Just kidding.  Not really.  🙂