Yes, I wax.  And no, not just my eyebrows.

Now before you go ahead start raising yours, let me explain here.  I was a competitive dancer through high school, and we had this white costume once.  Well…need I say more?  There’s nothing like a white costume when you’re sixteen and your friend points to you and says something like, “I love you, but you’re going to have to take care of that.”

Fast forward to my first pregnancy, and I was still in the shaving club.  It wasn’t until I couldn’t reach “it” anymore that I thought, there’s got to be something better than this!  But I just let it grow because, heck, I couldn’t even see it anymore anyway.  After my baby was born, it was time to figure out a better solution. 

And by better, I mean easier…faster…cleaner.

Have you ever had to clean out the tub after you’ve shaved because it looked like your child got hold of the scissors?  I have.  Have you ever been super itchy as the hair grew back in and you just couldn’t resist scratching yourself like Ted Bundy?  I’ve done that.  Have you ever had ingrown hairs that just wouldn’t heal because the hair was literally trapped under the skin?  Yep, I have. 

So I decided I would do it.  I’d go get it all waxed off.  I delivered a child, so I can definitely have my hair professionally removed.

The first time was hell.  I took three Ibuprofen, took a shot of vodka, and headed to my appointment.  When I came home, my skin was red, puffy, and irritated.  I’ve since learned that this wasn’t a normal reaction and that you shouldn’t really feel a ton of pain.  Next time, I skipped the pain meds and vodka as well as switched estheticians.  It was a much better experience overall and I was hooked.

Here’s my advice on how to have a decent wax experience.

1. Get a referral.

I will tell everyone I know that the best person I’ve ever had is Tempest from Waxing the City Elmwood.  She’s totally chill, the music in her room has a great vibe, and she’s quick.  She knows what I react to and what I don’t, and she remembers to anticipate the parts that normally cause me to be like…yikes.  She’s fantastic, and I’ve had a few not-so-great ones.  It’s all about who you feel most comfortable with.

2. Stop thinking that they’re looking at your lady parts.

Just like the gyno doesn’t care, the person waxing down there doesn’t care either.  This is their job, and they chose it.  They genuinely like removing hair. 

3. Keep up with the schedule they give you.

Don’t just think you’ll come back whenever it “grows out” because trust me, you’ll regret it.  There’s a perfect window when the hair is long enough to wax but not so long that it’s like starting over.  Stick to the schedule and keep up with exfoliating regularly.  It makes a world of difference.

Yep, that’s it…my crazy good advice on how to have your hair removed and not having to deal with the upkeep yourself.  There’s so many other things we have to keep up anyway, so it’s nice to have that one less thing to worry about.  This last time I went, I added an armpit wax to the menu and it was glorious.  I haven’t shaved my armpits in 4 days!  

Waxing for me is a game changer, but hey…if it’s not your thing, no hard feelings.  Just don’t start telling me things like “I barely have any hair anyway” because I’ll be too jealous to even finish the conversation.  #hairygalsunite, am I right?

So leave me a comment below – do you wax?  Are you dying to try it?  Are you thinking No WAY Jose? 

Until next time yall!