I am a serial exerciser.  I will go to the gym for a month, stop going to the gym for 6 months, pick up another type of exercise.  It’s mom life, ya’ll.  Things happen. 

Yep, what happens is I get exhausted and decide I’d rather catch up on old episodes of Supernatural on Netflix instead of trekking it to the gym.


But I’m back in that serial exerciser mode, my friends.  But this time, I’m taking it slow and learning what I like to do, what makes me feel strong and powerful.  A good 20-30 minutes in the gym is better than no time, and while I’m not (physically) moving mountains, I do feel accomplished and proud of myself.  So it’s kind of a win/win, right?

So while I’m back at it with my workouts, I decided to share my must haves for the gym bag.  

1. My Beats (with a good gym playlist on Spotify)

Good music is a MUST at the gym.  I can’t get hype without listening to a good Beyonce song.  I almost caught myself singing “I’m Feeling Myself” to old Mr. Brown on the leg press machine next to me.  Better watch it…Beyonce does that to a person.  My hubby got me these rose gold Beats for Christmas, and while I never asked for them, I can’t live without them now.  My ears sort of reject regular headphones, and I’m way too clumsy to deal with strangling myself with the cord.  Wireless Beats = strangle-free workout to a little “Flawless.”  Can’t go wrong with any of that for sure!

2. Sweet Sweat Waist Trainer

No, this is not sponsored.  I literally love this thing.  My friends were working out with it and shared how much they loved it, and of course I was like, no way does this really work.  So then, they sent me a video.  Holy smokes, the sweat!  Since I have all this extra baby skin and I’m trying to shrink it down, this waist trainer holds me in and also helps me to sweat out all the “extra” I have going on.  It really made a huge difference in my waistline, even with using it just a couple of times a week.  It’s super soft, doesn’t ride up, and I don’t even know it’s there. 

3. Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer

This nice-smelling gel is applied before applying the waist trainer for workouts.  I’ve also used it on my arms without the training wrap since it has thermogenic properties that help heat up your muscles during exercise – but you totally don’t feel the heat.  When you’re done, you just wipe the excess into your skin.  That’s it!  The waist trainer came with a sample of this gel and ended up buying a stick of it.  It’s pretty great AND my skin feels super smooth afterward. 

4. Queen V Swipe Right Wipes

You know it wouldn’t be a blog post without me getting a little personal.  When I work out during the day, momma doesn’t have time to shower off at the gym.  Plus, I probably wouldn’t because…it’s the gym.  Could be gross?  So I use these new Queen V wipes to freshen up under my arms, all up in my sports bra (you know where I’m talking about, fellow big chested moms), and…ahem…down there.  They’re unscented, so I get an all-over feeling of freshness without all the unnatural perfume. Queen V is totally ramping up the whole feminine wellness industry with their young, tough, and sexy packaging and super creative product names.   It ain’t ya momma’s feminine junk, ya’ll.  (You can get all the Queen V goodness at Walmart, FYI). 

Well, that’s it my friends.  I don’t have a great gym bag just yet, so I carry this stuff around in a little mesh lingerie bag because, breathable.  So give me your suggestions for a good small-ish gym bag that I can keep in my car.  I want to be able to throw in a few more things (maybe a notebook to write down the exercises and a really good water bottle?).  What do you have in your gym bag?  Give me all the ideas, pretty please.  And if you have a sec, check out my Amazon Influencer page, where I put all the things I’m crushing on or trying.

Until next time, ya’ll!